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The Maze Runner

Maze Runner is an American science fiction film that first came out in 2014. Wes Ball directed this trilogy and James Dashner’s 2009 novel of the same name is the source of the story. If Sci-fi combined and action are your genres, then this film series is a must-watch.

The story begins where a boy named Thomas is found waking up on an elevator. The young boy had no memory except his name. He is at a place known as The Glade. Thomas realizes that the maze is the only way out and decides to find their way to exit in day time only. The maze automatically closes at night. It is a home for deadly creatures known as Grievers. The story of Part 1 ends where Thomas along with other runners found a laboratory inside the maze.

Part 2 begins where Thomas remembers his mother giving him to the woman, Ava Paige. Thomas along with other abandoned children in the maze has to find a way out. The runners were at a facility where Mr. Janson took care of them. He found it suspicious. Then he discovers that Ava Paige was alive and Mr. Janson(owner of the facility) was working for the organization. They were planning another experiment on the immunes. Finally, Thomas decides to infiltrate the organization.

Part 3 shows how Thomas fights back to save the lives of others. He returns to the headquarters where it finally ends. In the ensuing strugggle, Ava and Theresa die. Thomas starts living his life with fellows of Right Arm at place free from virus.

  • Question of

    How can you describe “The Glade”?

    • A powerful weapon used to kill Griever
    • Large grassy area, enclosed by tall walls
    • A laboratory where all scientists worked
    • A name of the elevator
  • Question of

    What was the name of the organization that created the maze?

    • PVEC
    • DISU
    • BONX
    • WCKD
  • Question of

    What was Gally’s plan to restore peace?

    • Sacrifice Thomas and Teresa to the grievers
    • Find a way to exit the maze
    • Prepare to fight the Grievers
    • Train gladers and prepare a team of runners
  • Question of

    What crucial information does the woman convey in this scene?

    • She explained how to exit from the maze
    • She explained that the world is in a pandemic of a deadly virus
    • She revealed the secret behind the elevator bringing people to the glade
    • She told everyone to return back to the glade and hide themselves
  • Question of

    Why did Thomas and his group decide to run from the facility?

    • Ava along with Mr. Janson were planning an another experiment on the immunes
    • Ava and Mr. Janson were planning to build a new virus
    • Ava and Mr. Janson were planning to turn all children into zombies
    • All of them
  • Question of

    What is it that they call “Right Arm”?

    • A name of a fluid which will help them to save the world
    • It is a safe house which will protect them from virus
    • A name of a storm approaching the facility
    • A resistance group that works against the organization who is behind all this
  • Question of

    Who was guilty of secretly working for WCKD?

    • Mr. Janson
    • Ava Paige
    • Marcus
    • Teresa
  • Question of

    What does Mary tell about the enzyme?

    • She explains that it will lead to the end of WCKD
    • She explains that it must be harvested from an immune body, not manufactured
    • She suggests to use it on people who have turned zombies
    • She tells to use it on gladers to help them recover their memory
  • Question of

    Who’s blood was the cure for the virus?

    • Newt
    • Teresa
    • Gally
    • Thomas
  • Question of

    What did Newt’s note to Thomas say?

    • He asks to look after everyone and thanked Thomas for being his friend.
    • He tells Thomas about a safe place to live with other immunes
    • He tells about a forever cure to the Flare
    • He helps Thomas with a map to secretly get into “The Last City”

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