George O’Malley Fans, Get In The Queue!

It is safe to say that O’Malley’s memory will go on for as long as you’re living to preserve it. Even if he was a massive prick at times, George was the glue that held the hospital together. He was a skilled doctor who was caring and kind. Despite the fact that he failed his intern tests the first time, he demonstrated to us that everyone deserves a second shot. George would be happy to call you a buddy if you did a fantastic job!

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Well, you’re in luck! Take this quiz and get all your answers correct. Goodluck!

  • Question of

    How many brothers does George have?

    • Two
    • One
    • Three
  • Question of

    George fails his ___ exams.

    • Residency
    • Intern
    • Medical Entrance
  • Question of

    How many times was George married?

    • Twice
    • Thrice
    • Never
    • Once
  • Question of

    Who is NOT one of George’s brothers?

    • Jerry
    • Ronnie
    • Jeffrey
  • Question of

    Where did George and Callie get married?

    • Seattle
    • Vegas
    • Miami
  • Question of

    Who is George’s resident when he has to repeat his internship?

    • Meredith
    • Cristina
    • Callie
  • Question of

    What causes George’s father’s death?

    • Cancer
    • Multi-system organ failure
    • Heart Attack
  • Question of

    What shape was George’s birthmark?

    • Heart
    • Parrot
    • Texas
  • Question of

    What surgical specialty did George decide to settle for?

    • Trauma
    • General
    • Plastic
  • Question of

    What STD does George contract?

    • Herpes
    • Chlamydia
    • Syphilis