How Well Can You Do In This Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Quiz

Black Panther

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The tragic death of T’Challa’s father forced him to prepare himself as the new king of Wakanda. Killmonger, an old enemy of T’Challa tries to disturb his new position as a King. This was an alarming situation for both Wakanda and the world. The kingdom was in danger and they needed to save Wakanda from destruction. The king decided to work as a team with Dora Milaje, Shuri, and his allies. It was very important to harness the powers of the Black Panther. It is a movie that is filled with unlimited action. It is one of the most impressive movies when it comes to Marvel Universe. One would not regret giving it a try. The film also addresses the issue of racial discrimination.

It is one of the most loved among recent Marvel movies.

Are you a true fan of Black Panther. Test your knowledge by taking this Quiz.

  • Question of

    Where is Talokan?

    • In outer space
    • Under the sea
    • In the forest
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Fill in the blank, Nakia is a _______________?

    • War Panther
    • Zealot
    • War Dog
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is Shuri particularly good at?

    • Running
    • Tecnology
    • Swimming
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What does K’uk’ulkan mean?

    • Smart Bird
    • Bird without wings
    • Feather Serpent God
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is Wakandan armour made out of?

    • Graphite
    • Limestone
    • Diamond
    • Vibranium
  • Question of

    What is the meaning of Namor in the MCU?

    • Bravery
    • Lord of the sea
    • Without Love
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Who built the vibranium detector?

    • Riri Williams
    • Tony Stark
    • Dr. Graham
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    M’Baku is the leader of ____________ Wakandan tribe?

    • The River Tribe
    • The Border Tribe
    • The Merchant Tribe
    • The Mountain Tribe
  • Question of

    Which country attempted to steal vibranium from a Wakanda outreach center?

    • Germany
    • France
    • USA
    • Russia
  • Question of

    Where was Nakia living after T’Challa’s death?

    • Wakanda
    • Haiti
    • Dominican Republic
    • None of the above