How Well Do You Remember About The King Of Wakanda?

How Well Do You Remember About The King Of Wakanda?

Unless you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, you probably didn’t know much about Black Panther until he started scrapping with Captain America on the big screen. Black Panther is, however, one of the most important heroes in Marvel’s stable.Though he’s been a part of Marvel Comics for decades, Black Panther (aka T’Challa) is one of most recent entries in MCU. But, in a very short span of time he became one of the most popular superhero among the fans. His stand alone movie became highest grossing solo superhero movie. So keeping all that in mind we’ve put up this trivia quiz for you all. Take this quiz and check how much do you know about the King of Wakanda. Comment your score and share it with your family and friends and keep the fun going. Stay home stay safe.

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    What was T’Chaka’s brothers name?

    • N’Jobu
    • T’Kabe
    • T’Chana
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    Who challenged T’Challa for the crown?

    • W’Kabi
    • M’Baku
    • N’Raka
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    What was the name of the CIA agent who saved Nakia from Klaue?

    • Agent Ross
    • Agent Hill
    • Agent Denver
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    Which goverment agency Erik Stevans was a former member of?

    • CIA
    • Black Hawk
    • Black Ops
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    Who killed Klaue?

    • T’Challa
    • Agent Ross
    • Killmonger
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    What was Killmonger’s real name?

    • N’Jadaka
    • N’Jobue
    • N’Kawasi
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    Who saved T’Challa from the waterfall?

    • Nakia
    • Ramonda
    • Jabaris
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    Where did T’Challa and Killmonger fought their last battle?

    • Waterfall
    • Vibranium Mine
    • Jabari battlefield
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    Who played the character of Nakia?

    • Lupita Nyong
    • Danai Gurira
    • Letitia Wright