My Life with the walter boys

“My Life With the Walter Boys” is a heartwarming Netflix series based on the beloved YA novel by Ali Novak. It tells the story of Jackie Howard, a sophisticated city girl from New York City, whose world is turned upside down when her parents die in a tragic accident. Jackie moves to rural Colorado to live with the Walters, a big, lively family with ten energetic boys. She must adjust to a new life filled with chaos, laughter, and unexpected challenges. The series beautifully explores themes of grief, family, and self-discovery, all while capturing the ups and downs of teenage life in a bustling, loving household.

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    What tragic event leads Jackie to live with the Walter family?

    • Parents’ divorce
    • House fire
    • Parents’ death in a car accident
    • Plane crash
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    Who becomes Jackie’s closest friend among the Walter boys?

    • Cole
    • Alex
    • Nathan
    • Isaac
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    What type of animal is prominently featured on the Walter family farm?

    • Horse
    • Cow
    • Sheep
    • Pigs
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    What is the name of the high school that Nikki attends?

    • Roosevelt High School
    • Walter High School
    • Lincoln High School
    • Westport High School
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    How is Alex Quijano related to Jackie?

    • Old friend
    • Uncle
    • Father’s friend
    • None of the above
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    Where does Jackie move from?

    • New York
    • Chicago
    • Los Angeles
    • Miami
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    Which Walter boy is known for his athletic abilities?

    • Cole
    • Will
    • Denny
    • Isaac
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    How many Walter boys are there in the show?

    • 10
    • 12
    • 14
    • 15
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    What is the protagonist Jackie Howard’s main passion?

    • Cooking
    • Photography
    • Writing
    • Doctor
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    What is the name of the Walter family’s ranch?

    • Walter Acres
    • Walter Ranch
    • Walter Farmstead