No Boring Moment: Euphoria Trivia Quiz


The new teen drama Euphoria is all the rage right now. They say that it is purposefully ambiguous. A story about several high school characters who are seemingly using drugs as a form of escapism.

Let’s get more specific about the show’s keys players: Rue, a 17-year-old addict returning from rehab. She had no intentions of staying sober. Jules, the new girl who shakes things up at the year’s first big house party; Nate , a person with anger issues, McKay and Cassie. The beauty of the show is each character is dealing with a major issue about youngsters—be it anger, addiction, or sexuality.

They’re given the space to explore it. Nothing is diluted or sugar-coated. It is so fast-paced and keeps your attention. Take this quiz to see if you have kept up with this teen drama.

  • Question of

    Which reality show does Rue binge in Season 1?

    • Survior
    • The Bachelor
    • Big Brother
    • Love Island
  • Question of

    What is the school in Euphoria called?

    • Liberty High
    • Beacon Hills High
    • East Highland High
    • Euphoria High
  • Question of

    Kat wrote a fan fiction about the members of One Direction. Name the members.

    • Harry Styles & Zayn
    • Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles
    • Liam Payne & Harry Styles
    • Harry Styles & Niall Horan
  • Question of

    What name does Nate use when he send messages to Jules?

    • Tyler
    • Alex
    • Derek
    • Brad
  • Question of

    Who gets pregnant in Season 1?

    • Cassie
    • Maddy
    • Rue
    • Lexi
  • Question of

    Which of these characters has a feature episode in Season 1?

    • Mc Kay
    • Lexi
    • Fezco
    • Maddy
  • Question of

    Who found Rue when she was overdosed?

    • Alex
    • Maddy
    • Lexi
    • Gia
  • Question of

    Name the song that Rue sings in Episode 8 of Season 1?

    • Dirty Work
    • All For Us
    • Right Down The Line
    • My Body Is A Cage
  • Question of

    What is Maddy’s last name?

    • Jules
    • Stephan
    • Perez
    • Joel
  • Question of

    Who is this character?

    • Daniel
    • Ethan
    • Maddy
    • Nate Jacobs

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