Only the Hardest Doctor Strange Can Crack this Trivia Quiz


Doctor Stephen Strange, is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. It is created by Steve Ditko with Stan Lee. Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme. He is the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. This character was introduced during the Silver Age of Comic Books. It was done in order to bring a different kind of character and themes of mysticism to Marvel Comics.

Doctor Strange begins as an extremely talented but egotistical surgeon. He loses the ability to operate after a car crash and severe damage on his hands. While searching for healing, he encounters the Ancient One, The Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange decides to become his student. He becomes the master of both mystical and martial arts.

Benedict Cumberbatch has done an excellent job on this character. We cannot imagine anyone else playing this character.

Take this Dr. Strange quiz to find out if you know it all!

  • Question of

    Doctor Strange was a _______________?

    • Plastic Surgeon
    • Neurosurgeon
    • Brain Surgeon
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Why did Strange end up crashing his car and crushing his hands?

    • He was answering a call
    • He fell asleep
    • He was reading details on a patient
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    How many pins were used in the surgery of Strange’s hands?

    • 9
    • 7
    • 4
    • 11
  • Question of

    What does Strange use to create Portals?

    • A Sling ring
    • His hands
    • Inner Chi
    • None of the abvoe
  • Question of

    What is the color of The Cloak of Levitation that Dr. Strange usually wears?

    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Red with yellow trim
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What order does Strange belong to?

    • Masters of the Mystic Arts
    • Power of the Mystic Arts
    • Defenders of the Mystic Arts
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Who did Strange blame for the damage on his hands?

    • Billy
    • Christine Palmer
    • Nicodemus West
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What was the piece of paper with ‘Shamballa’ written on it?

    • Wi-Fi Password
    • A mantra
    • A spell
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is the source of The Ancient One’s power and agelessness?

    • The Mirror Dimension
    • The Dark Dimension
    • Hong Kong Sanctum
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What does ‘The Ancient One’ mix in Stephen Strange’s tea?

    • Poison
    • Sugar
    • LSD
    • Honey

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