Stray Kids Trivia Quiz.

Stray Kids

The Stray Kids is a growing South Korean boy band. JYP Entertainment formed the group in a reality show by the same name. Originally it was a nine-member group. Bang Chan, I.N, Felix, Hyunjin, Changbin, Lee Know, Han, and Seungmin are the current members of the Stray Kids after the departure of Woojin.

The band members named the Stray Kids’ fandom “Stay: where the Stray Kids stay”. The band recently wrapped up their MANIAC tour, a three-day concert in Seoul. It attracted many known faces as its audience including BlackPink’s Lisa as well as 2PM member Junho and  JLOUD.

Although the tour was a three-day stunning event. The band members got emotional and gave a heartwarming message for the ‘Stay’.

If you are a Stray Kids fan as well try out the quiz to know how well you know this band.

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    Where did the band go for their first overseas performance?

    • America
    • Singapore
    • Japan
    • Italy
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    With which extended play did the Stray Kids made their official debut?

    • Cle 1: Miroh
    • Cle: Levanter
    • Mixtape
    • I am not
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    What is the name of Stray Kids’ second world tour?

    • MANIAC
    • CRACK
    • KCON
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    Who is the lead of the Stray Kids?

    • Felix
    • Changbin
    • Bang Chan
    • Lee Know
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    Which mini album by the Stray Kids became the first K-pop album of 2022 to spend six consecutive weeks on Billboard 200?

    Stray Kids
    • Hellevator
    • Oddinary
    • Domino
    • Cheese
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    In which year Stray Kids, the reality show was aired?

    • 2015
    • 2018
    • 2019
    • 2017
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    Which was the first single by the Stray Kids as an eight member group?

    • Astronaut
    • Cle: Levanter
    • Gone Days
    • My Pace
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    Which song by the Stray Kids was used as the theme song of the anime ‘Tower of God’?

    • Top
    • My pace
    • Double Knot
    • Slump
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    Which song by Stray Kids was used for the mobile game version of PUBG?

    • Back Door
    • On Track
    • Going Dumb
    • Thunderous