Sweet Home Quiz: Will You Survive It?

Sweet Home

We’ve been given a new Netflix original series that is bold and apocalyptic, true to our times, just in time for the holidays. Sweet Home is based on a popular web toon. It follows a mishmash of apartment dwellers as they battle inner demons and real monsters in their midst. The true draw of the show comes from the individual stories of our residents. They have complex stories of loss, grief, and redemption. Although the monsters were the most expensive aspect of the production, the humanity and their quest to be human are at the heart of this series.

We have compiled a quiz for Sweet Home. Take this quiz and let us know how much you scored.

  • Question of

    What is the name of the apartment where the series starts from?

    • Green House
    • Green Home
    • Sweet Home
    • Sweet Green
  • Question of

    What does the new disease do?

    • Turns humans into pigs
    • Turns animals into demons
    • Turns humans into monsters
    • Makes humans really sick
  • Question of

    What happens to CHA HYUN-SOO before moving into Sweet Home?

    • His father commits suicide
    • Loses his family to a car accident
    • His Dog dies
    • He starts university
  • Question of

    What happens to YOON JI-SOO before moving into Sweet Home?

    • Her partner committed suicide
    • She loses her family to a car accident
    • Her partner was murdered
    • Her dogs died
  • Question of

    When did YOON JI-SOO moved into Sweet Home?

    • A month before CHA HYUN-SOO
    • A year before CHA HYUN-SOO
    • A week after CHA HYUN-SOO
    • A week before CHA HYUN-SOO
  • Question of

    What was the profession of Jae-heon?

    • A painter
    • A sculpter
    • A Korean teacher
    • A designer
  • Question of

    What was Ji-soo’s choice of weapon?

    • A baseball bat
    • A cricket bat
    • A gun
    • A sword
  • Question of

    With what weapon does Jae-heon fight the monsters?

    • Sword
    • Baseball bat
    • Gun
    • Cricket bat
  • Question of

    How did HAN DOO-SHIK meet Hyun-soo?

    • When the building burns down
    • In their mission to save two children
    • While he was in the park
    • In their mission to save two old couples
  • Question of

    Why did LEE EUN-YOO give up on her dreams?

    • Because of her bad ankle
    • She lost interest
    • For her family
    • Because of her crumbling financial situations

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