The Marvellous Quiz For The All New Ms. Marvel!

Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel, an American mini-TV series, first premiered on June 8, 2022, and concluded on July 13, 2022. The series revolves around the life of Kamala (a teenager), who discovers that she has mutant superpowers. What follows is her journey towards the discovery of her lost family and the meaning and responsibilities that come with the powers.

Kamala is a superhero fan and her favorite superhero is Captain Marvel. She writes fanfiction about Danvers. She becomes like her idol and tries to live up to the dream of becoming a superhero.

Ms. Marvel is the nineteenth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the eleventh installment of Phase Four. Created by Bisha K. Ali the series is produced by Marvel Studios and was released on Disney+.

Do you think you are the biggest Ms. Marvel fan? Well, there’s only one way to find it! Let’s begin this marvelous quiz!

  • Question of

    Ms. Marvel is the part of which phase of MCU?

    • Phase Three
    • Phase Five
    • Phase Four
    • Phase Two
  • Question of

    What is the real name behind the alias of Ms. Marvel?

    • Kamala Khan
    • Kamala Rashid
    • Alia Jinah
    • Salma Khan
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    Who among the following is Kamala’s best friend?

    • Matt Lintz
    • Bruno Carrelli
    • Peter Parker
    • Tom Stuart
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    Give the name of the season finale episode of Ms. Marvel.

    • Seeing Red
    • Destined
    • Time And Again
    • No Normal
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    Marvel has introduced a new group of Superhuman Villains in Ms. Marvel. Who are they?

    • Illuminati
    • Clandestine
    • Inhumans
    • X-Men
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    Name the race of beings present in Ms. Marvel who borrow their name from Islamic mythology?

    • Asguardians
    • Titans
    • Celestials
    • Djinn
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    In Ms. Marvel, Pakistani actor Fawad Khan plays the character of?

    • Hasan
    • Kamran
    • Sabir
    • Bilal
  • Question of

    From where do Ms. Marvel’s powers originate?

    • Her Hair
    • Her Bangle
    • Her Mutant Gene
    • Her Costume
  • Question of

    To whom does Kamala’s bangle originally belong?

    • Hasan
    • Aisha
    • Sana
    • Kareem
  • Question of

    Ms. Marvel sets up the events for a 2023 film. Name the film.

    • The Marvels
    • Blade
    • Thunderbolts
    • Ant-Man And The Wasp