The Maze Runner Personality Quiz

The Maze Runner

“Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade.” “Everything is going to change.” The only thing Thomas remembers when he wakes up in the lift is his name. Strangers have surrounded —boys who have lost their memories as well. A never-ending, ever-changing maze lies beyond the high stone walls that encircle them. It’s the only way out, and no one has ever survived it.

Then a young lady appears. The very first girl. And the message she conveys is dreadful: “Remember.” Survive and flee. This exceptional series has brought us down to love it and we just know that it resonates with you.

But, have you ever wondered which Maze Runner character are you? Well, we have got you covered on that. Take this quiz and find out!

  • Question of

    What is the ideal number of sibling for you?

    • 2
    • 1
    • 3
    • None
  • Question of

    Pick a name.

    • Elesa
    • Magnus
    • Adena
    • Tucker
    • Fig
  • Question of

    Pick an outfit among these:

    • Yes
    • No
    • Thomas
    • Newt
  • Question of

    Pick a song:

    • Section 75
    • Final Fight
    • Chat With Chuck
    • Trapped
    • Banishment
  • Question of

    Choose a representative:

    • A Vilain
    • A Teacher
    • A Superhero
    • A Lover
  • Question of

    Choose a group:

    • The Gladers
    • The Right Arm
    • WCKD
    • The Cranks
  • Question of

    Who is your lover in The Maze Runner?

    • Newt
    • Thomas
    • Brenda
    • Minho
  • Question of

    Finally, pick your favourite dialogue:

    • “It’s a girl. I think she’s dead.”
    • “Gonna save us all! Gonna save us from the Flare! Don’t believe a word they tell ya! Gonna save us from the Flare, ya are!”
    • “False hope,” she said. “Guess that’s better then no hope at all.”
    • “WICKED is good”
    • “Anybody else wanna pee their pants and cry for mommy?”

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