The Ultimate WandaVision Trivia- Can’t Even Score 7/11!

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    In episode 1, what date is marked on the calendar?

    • 22nd August
    • 22nd September
    • 23rd August
    • 23rd September
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    Yes I know, the previous one was a bit tricky. I hope you get this one correct. What kind of fruit does Agnes bring to help Wanda with her upside down cake?

    • A pinepapple
    • An apple
    • A pomegranate
    • A banana
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    The ‘Toast Mate 2000’ Toaster is advertised in episode 1. Who is it made by?

    • Wonka Industries
    • Stark Industries
    • Globex
    • Wayne Enerprises
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    What is the name of Agnes’ pet rabbit?

    • Thumper
    • Cinnabun
    • Aphrodite
    • Senor Scratchy
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    What phrase is repeated by the people of West view throughout episode 2?

    • “For the society”
    • “For the children”
    • “For the humankind”
    • “For the people”
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    In episode 3, where was Dr. Nielson headed on holiday?

    • Bermuda
    • Hamilton
    • Bahamas
    • Cayman Islands
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    Who is mentioned by Geraldine which causes Wanda to lash out?

    • Darcy Lewis
    • Nosy Neighbor
    • Ultron
    • Beverly
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    What is the role of Tyler Hayward at S.W.O.R.D?

    • Producer
    • Casting Director
    • Acting Director
    • Executive Director
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    What brand of kitchen towel is featured in the advertisement in episode 5?

    • Bounty
    • Scott
    • Brawny
    • Lagos
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    In episode 6, which character said, “Unleash hell, demon spawn!”?

    • Vision
    • Mr. Hart
    • Wanda
    • Pietro
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    Which two movies are being advertised at the cinema in episode 6?

    • Freaky Friday and It Takes Two
    • The Incredibles and The Parent Trap
    • The Incredibles and The It Takes Two
    • Father of the Bride and New York Minute

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