Toughest MCU Quiz! Only True Fans Will Pass This Quiz

Toughest MCU Quiz!

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MCU is showing no signs of deceleration down any time shortly. in keeping with IMDb, there ar 10 additional MCU movies within the pipeline, together with 3 films in 2021 to twenty two alone. within the coming back years, we’ll even be treated to a Black Widow solo picture, a activist sequel, a 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy picture, and lots of additional. the message is clear: the MCU isn’t going anyplace for a protracted time.

Only fans who are looking at these movies with the attention of a hawk (pun positively intended) are ready to ace this MCU quiz, therefore place down the defend and also the hammer and obtain to work!

  • Question of

    Which alien race did the Avengers fight within the Battle of recent York?

    • Skrull
    • Rodan
    • Chitauri
    • Kree
  • Question of

    What is the name of Thor’s hammer?

    • Helskor
    • Mjolnir
    • Bornholm
    • Draupnir
  • Question of

    Who is Spider-Man’s love interest?

    • Sarah
    • Amy
    • Kate
    • Liz
  • Question of

    What device will Ant-Man use to shrink?

    • Quantum Device
    • Pym Particles
    • Tesseract tech
    • Infinity Vortex
  • Question of

    Where will the epic airport fight occur in Captain America: Civil War?

    • Germany
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Italy
  • Question of

    On what planet will Thor find the Hulk?

    • Sakaar
    • Rohan
    • Dantooine
    • Farlax
  • Question of

    What was stephen Strange’s job before changing into sorcerer Supreme?

    • Firefighter
    • Accoutant
    • Surgeon
    • Lawyer
  • Question of

    What realm will Ant-Man’s shrinking technology enable him to travel to?

    • Atomic Realm
    • Nuclear Realm
    • Quantum Realm
    • Molecular Realm
  • Question of

    What is the name of Doctor Strange’s new york residence?

    • Hall of Justice
    • Nightwing’s Cloisters
    • Sanctum Sanctorum
    • Baxter Building
  • Question of

    What is the name of Star-Lord’s ship?

    • Pandorum
    • Nostromo
    • Eagle 5
    • The Milano