Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You?


The Big Bang Theory has been responsible for numerous laughter and poignant moments since its debut in 2007. Fans still believe this show to be one of the best sitcoms ever created, whether it’s because of Penny and Leonard’s romance or Sheldon’s weird quips. To honour the programme and its devoted audience, we’ve created a quiz to determine which of The Big Bang Theory’s major characters fans are most like. Will you end up being the one who keeps them all together? Or perhaps you’re the nerdy, yet endearing nerd who everyone adores. So, let’s not waste any more time and find out! All the best!

  • Question of

    Who is your favourite Star Treck character?

    • Spock
    • Jean-Luc Picard
    • Captain Kirk
    • Worf
  • Question of

    What is your favorite type of science?

    • Engineering
    • Physics
    • None
    • Astrophysics
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    Who is your favorite superhero?

    • Batman
    • Flash
    • Superman
    • Aquaman
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    How would you describe your sense of humor?

    • Aggressive
    • Sarcastic
    • Passive
    • Self-deprecating
  • Question of

    What is your favorite hobby?

    • Reading Comic Books
    • Partying
    • Solving Puzzles
    • Playing Video Games
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    When you like someone, how do you approach them?

    • I’m terrified of attractive people
    • I use cheesy pick-up lines
    • I don’t find myself attracted to people
    • I get nervous
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    How would you describe your relationship with your partner?

    • It’s very intellectual
    • I am single
    • On again off again
    • They always have the upper hand
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    How do you deal with anger?

    • I lash out
    • I seek revenge
    • I handle things calmly
    • I become sarcastic
  • Question of

    How would you describe your personality?

    • Sarcastic
    • Outgoing
    • Shy
    • Cheesy
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    What is your ideal job?

    • Theoretical Physicist
    • Astrophysicist
    • Actor
    • Engineer

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