FRIENDS Flashback Episodes Quiz for You to Go Flashbacking!


The gang recalls an incident three years ago when some of them were on the verge of sleeping together. The gang recalls an incident three years ago when some of them were on the verge of sleeping together.

Rachel is engaged to Barry, but she wants one more meaningless connection, and Chandler is the man she’s looking for. Ross is overjoyed that his wife has a friend, until he discovers they are lesbians.

Did you also know? This episode was partly inspired by the cast’s desire to observe how the public reacted to particular pairings, the most prominent of which was Rachel and Chandler. Because the audience disliked seeing these two together, they were never shown together?

We have compiled a list of episodes of the utmost FRIENDS fan in you. Go back, like they did and play the ultimate Flashback Quiz!

  • Question of

    In “The One with the Prom Video” episode, what thing did Ross say he is going to work on in the summer?

    • Music
    • Dinosaurs
    • His calculations
    • Football
  • Question of

    Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?

    • His parents told him they were getting divorced on Thanksgiving.
    • He is not thankful for anything
    • His cat just died
    • He hates holidays
  • Question of

    What does Monica say that makes Joey think she wants to have sex in The One With The Flashback episode?

    • “Since you’re moving boxes, can you help me out for a sec?”
    • “Do you wanna come in for some lemonade?”
    • “Do you wanna come relax for a bit?”
    • “You look tired. Can I fix you up a sandwich?”
  • Question of

    What did the Geller Cup look like?

    • A troll doll nailed to a 2×4
    • A cup trophy
    • Salvers & Trays
    • Presentation Plaque
  • Question of

    In “The One With All The Thanksgivings,” what is the term Monica has used to refer to a boy’s “thing?”

    • His tenderness
    • His horns
    • His Peepee
    • His manhood
  • Question of

    According to The One With The Flashback episode, what existed in that location before it became Central Perk?

    • A Chemist shop
    • A Night club
    • A Liquor store
    • A bar
  • Question of

    What does Monica want to do to Chandler to get him back for calling her fat?

    • Get him naked and humiliate him.
    • Call him fat too
    • Not talk to him
    • Dance on the Subway
  • Question of

    Who started the “could you imagine” conversations?

    • Rachel
    • Monica
    • Ross
    • Joey
  • Question of

    Ross met Rachel at a newsstand. What magazine was he going to buy?

    • Playboy
    • Busty Bitches
    • Busty Ladies
    • Cosmopolitan
  • Question of

    The one with the Flashback is caused because someone asked the question of who almost slept with whom. Who asks this?

    • Rachel
    • Carol
    • Janice
    • Elizabeth

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