Hardest F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Quiz Ever You’ll Ever Take- Can You Beat It?


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How are you doin my friends? The FRIENDS sitcom has become one of the most loved and watched TV series till today. No matter what, no matter how much time it had been since the first show aired, it’s been loved by all the generations.Many of us are also relating to friends cast. Here we’re with an interesting trivia related to FRIENDS to check how much did you really remember the show. Score as much high as you can, true die hard fans to get a full score. Comment your scores and also share the quiz with friends and family.

  • Question of

    Where did Chandler meet Ross?

    • Central Perk
    • College
    • At the party
  • Question of

    How many babies did Phoebe carry for her brother?

    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
  • Question of

    What are Ross and Monica’s parent’s names?

    • Jane And Judy Geller
    • Jack And Jade Geller
    • Jack And Judy Geller
    • John And Josie Geller
  • Question of

    How many women gave birth before Rachel in the hospital(on the same day)?

    • Nine
    • Three
    • Ten
    • Five
  • Question of

    What character did Joey play when he was in a Soap Opera?

    • Of a detective
    • Of a neurosurgeon
    • Of a cardiologist
    • Of a Gastroenterologist
  • Question of

    Who is the youngest friend?

    • Monica
    • Rachel
    • Joey
    • Chandler
  • Question of

    Which season was the only one without a Thanksgiving episode?

    • Season 7
    • Season 6
    • Season 5
    • Season 3
  • Question of

    What is Ross’s paleontologist girlfriend’s name?

    • Julie
    • Mona
    • Charlie