How Well Do You Know Janice? The Ultimate Trivia.

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    Which catchphrase is associated with Janice?

    • “I love you guys!”
    • “Oh! My! God!”
    • “I can’t even!”
    • “Smelly cat, smelly cat…”
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    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Janice?

    • Loud and boisterous
    • Overly affectionate
    • Soft-spoken
    • Drama queen
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    What is the nature of Janice’s relationship with Chandler?

    • Romantic partners
    • Siblings
    • Coworkers
    • Best friends
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    What is Janice’s most distinctive trait?

    • Her iconic voice
    • Her sense of humor
    • Her love for Chandler
    • Her love for shopping
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    How does Janice respond to the jokes and bullying from the friends?

    • She loves them
    • She confronts them and demands respect
    • She retaliates with her own insults
    • She laughs it off and remains composed
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    Who is Janice’s ex-husband?

    • Gary
    • Ross
    • Joey
    • Chandler
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    Why does Chandler break up with Janice in Season 3?

    • Chandler realized he still had feelings for Monica
    • Janice decided to move away
    • Janice confessed her love for both Chandler and Gary
    • Janice cheated on Chandler with Ross
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    In the TV series, who played the character of Janice Litman?

    • Maggie Wheeler
    • Fran Drescher
    • Lisa Kudrow
    • Jennifer Aniston
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    What happens when Chandler tries to break up with Janice at Central Perk?

    • Janice slaps Chandler in the face
    • Chandler accidentally hits Janice in the eye
    • Chandler bursts into tears
    • Janice laughs hysterically
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    In which episode does Janice not make a physical appearance but her voice is heard on a mixtape?

    • The One Hundredth
    • The One with the Yeti
    • The One with Unagi
    • The One with Ross’ Teeth