How well do you know Steve Carrell comedy series “The Office”?

The Office
The Office, Steve Carell, Jim

The Office is a popular American mockumentary sitcom television series that showcases the daily lives of office employees in a sarcastic way. A mockumentary on a group of typical office workers, where the workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behaviour, and tedium. First aired on NBC on 24th March 2005. And since then the series has lasted a total of nine hilarious seasons till 16th May 2013. The single-camera setup and absence of studio audience and laugh tracks is what makes The Office truly engaging and funny for its audience. And who doesn’t love the one and only Steve Carrell, or should we say Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. And not even Michael, all the characters are one above the other.

Well, only the true fans can get a perfect score in this hardest trivia.


Juggle up your memory!! Here’s a little head start for you.

  • In 2016, Rolling Stone named The Office as one of the top 100 television series of all time. Now, that’s a real achievement!!
  • Seth Rogen. Yes, you heard right… Seth Rogen the famous Canadian-American actor, comedian, director and producer auditioned for the role of Dwight!!
  • Carol, Michael Scott’s girlfriend was played by Steve Carrell’s real-life wife!!

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Alright ‘The Office ‘enthusiasts let’s jump to the questions now…

  • Question of

    What season of The Office does Angela have a baby?

    • Season 4
    • Season 5
    • Season 8
    • Season 3
  • Question of

    Which scene was the most expensive in the entire series?

    • “Ryan Started the Fire”
    • “Jim proposes Pam in the Rain”
    • “Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration”
    • “Dwight’s fire drill”
  • Question of

    How many cousins did Dwight Schrute have?

    • 3
    • 1
    • 2
    • 0
  • Question of

    What is the season and episode number of “The Dinner Party”?

    • Season 4 Episode 13
    • Season 5 Episode 7
    • Season 2 Episode 12
    • Season 8 Episode 9
  • Question of

    Which platform is The Office moving to in 2021?

    • Sling TV
    • Disney Plus
    • Peacock
    • Crunchyroll
  • Question of

    You might know the number of seasons. But do you know the total number of episodes of the show?

    • 139
    • 182
    • 116
    • 201
  • Question of

    What was the position of Jan Levinson in the office?

    • Regional Manager
    • Sales Person
    • Vice President of Northeast Sales
    • Assistant to the Regional Manager
  • Question of

    Who did Michael Scott marry in the show?

    • Helene Beesly
    • Jan Levinson
    • Holly Flax
    • Donna Newton
  • Question of

    What was the name of Oscar Martinez’s boyfriend in the show?

    • Jim
    • Gil
    • Dwight
    • Ryan
  • Question of

    How many Golden Globe did The Office win?

    • 0
    • 2
    • 4
    • 1

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