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The One Piece Quiz: Which Strawhat Are You?

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  • Question of

    What do you like to do in your free time?

    • Eat
    • Exercise
    • Read
    • Cook
    • Draw
    • Sing
  • Question of

    Which of the following is your choice of weapon?

    • Sword
    • Gun
    • Slingshot
    • Water Balloon
    • Brass Knuckles
    • Metal Bat
  • Question of

    For which of the following power will you give up your ability to swim?

    • The Power Of Invisibility
    • The Power Of Flying
    • The Power Of Flames
    • The Power Of Turning Things To Gold
    • The Power To Turn Oneself Into An Ancient Animal
    • The Power Of Having Multiple Hands
  • Question of

    Which of the following nickname would you like to get for yourself?

    • King Of The World
    • God Of The Sea
    • Armoured General
    • World’s Best Chef
    • Boss Of The Sea
    • Bewitching Kunoichi
  • Question of

    If you ever get into a fight what will you do?

    • Fight With All Your Might
    • Run Away
    • Call Your Bestfriend
    • Kick Your Enemy’s Head
    • Sing Your Enemy A Lullaby
    • Sit Down And Cry
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    If you are stranded on a deserted island, what will you do?

    • Search For A Way Out
    • Jump Into The Sea And Find Your Way Hone
    • Explore The Island For Adventure
    • Sit Down And Cry
    • Make A Boat And Leave
    • Make Friends With The Animals There
  • Question of

    How many siblings would you like to have?

    • Zero
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Four
    • Infinite
  • Question of

    Choose your ideal profession.

    • Chef
    • Singer
    • Archaeologist
    • Engineer
    • Doctor
    • Scuba Diver
  • Question of

    What action will you take in order to eradicate world hunger?

    • You Will Save Food
    • You Will Party
    • You Will Give Food To Poor
    • You Will Become Vegetarian
    • You Will Not Allow Anyone To Waste Food
    • You Will Eat All The Food And Not Share
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    If you are being followed by someone, who would you prefer it to be?

    • Police
    • A Bag Of Money
    • A Beautiful Woman
    • A Drunk Driver
    • A Cute Dog
    • An Angry Lion