UNAGI! This Is the Hardest Ross Geller Quiz!


We unconsciously begin stereotyping when it comes to our friends. Rachel is the stylish one. Phoebe is the odd one out. Joey is the bumbling idiot. Monica is the one who keeps things in order. Ross is the one who is sensitive. Finally, Chandler is the one who is amusing. But what about Chandler’s sharp suits and ties, Joey’s volcano expertise, and Monica’s disorganised closet? What about the guy whose joke was published in Playboy?

The comedy that grew around Ross Geller was entirely based on the character’s lack of understanding of what was going on. Why, God, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why David Schwimmer managed to grow as a character throughout the course of ten fantastic seasons, turning Ross Geller into a brilliant guy who became more entertaining with each new episode.

To split your sides, you’ll need the Dino-passionate Guy’s outbursts, odd motions, and facial expressions. We urge that you go back to the beginning and revisit all of Red Ross’s most hilarious moments while Ross is working on his next joke for Playboy. Best wishes!

What will your score be on this Ross Geller quiz that becomes progressively funnier?

  • Question of

    How was Ross counting in the spray-on Tan Shop?

    • sheep
    • numbers from 1 to 10
    • numbers from 10 to 1
    • Mississippilesly
  • Question of

    What did Ross give Chandler to hold so he could finally talk to Emily?

    • Bottle
    • Iron
    • backpack
    • Lamp
  • Question of

    Who got a picture of Ross with tan?

    • Chandler
    • Richard
    • Monica
    • Joey
  • Question of

    Who made Ross talk about his childhood issues?

    • Chandler
    • Joey
    • Sandy
    • Susan
  • Question of

    What did Ross buy for his 30th birthday?

    • Leather jacket
    • Toaster
    • Guitar
    • Sports car
  • Question of

    Which of the following is off-limits when stealing from a hotel?

    • Salt shakers
    • Clock
    • Bedsheet
    • Remote
  • Question of

    What Kind Of Guys were Ross And Paul?

    • Clean Guys
    • Neat Guys
    • Sexy Guys
    • Hot Guys
  • Question of

    What did Ross overuse during his trip to Vermont?

    • Chocolates
    • Maple Candies
    • Burgers
    • Pizza
  • Question of

    What excited Ross the most while staying at a hotel?

    • Mats
    • Late checkouts
    • Soaps
    • Windows
  • Question of

    How many girls danced On Ross’ feet At Monica and Chandler’s wedding?

    • 5
    • 3
    • 5
    • 6

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  1. I regret to inform you that the answer to your first question in this Ross Geller quiz is in fact incorrect. You have claimed he was counting missisipilessly, when in fact the opposite is true, he was counting missisipily, which led to his tanning failing miserably.