How Well Do You Know ‘The Office’?

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    Let’s start off with an easy one, where did Jim and Pam get married?

    • Kakabeka Falls
    • Horseshoe Falls
    • Rideau Falls
    • Niagara Falls
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    At Casino Night, who beat Michael at Poker after he went all-in on the first hand?

    • Toby
    • Stanley
    • Darryl
    • Kevin
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    What A cappella group did Andy sing in?

    • Jordan House
    • Here Comes Treble
    • Duane Adams
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    Ellie Kempler played Erin. What is Erin’s last name?

    • Hannon
    • Wilson
    • Heidecker
    • Curry
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    You rock, if you made so far, okay, next one now, In the episode, ‘Basketball’, who does Michael say is one the team ,”of course”?

    • Jim
    • Stanley
    • Darryl
    • Toby
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    In the season 2 Halloween episode, who was fired because of the downsizing?

    • Creed
    • Demon
    • Devon
    • Demos
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    In the Chair Model episode, Creed Bratton says he transfers his debt to whom?

    • William Charles Schneider
    • Jacob Mayor
    • Prince Charles
    • William Boiler
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    In season 2 Dundie Awards, what dundie did Angela win and refuse to accept?

    • ‘Kind of a bitch’ award
    • The ‘Tight Ass’ award
    • ‘Worst Salesman Of The Year’

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