Stranger Things Have Been On Your Mind Since Season 4 Released?

Stranger Things

In Season 4 of Stranger Things, 9 months have passed since the Mind Flayer’s defeat. Eleven has moved with the Byers family to California. This leads to Eleven & Mike into a long distance relationship. & Justin also begin to have a tensed relationship with Lucas & Max. Max has distant herself from everyone. She continues to grieve the death of Billy. The event of Crissy’s murder brings Justin, Max and Lucas together. They team up with Nancy, Steve and Robin. They soon discover a new evil threat, Vecna. The evil continues to possess and murder High School students.Max soon realizes the symptoms of being possessed. And now she was one of them. Vecna takes Max to his altar where he prepares to kill her. Nancy & Robin manages to save her by playing her favorite song. As this helps to get away from being possessed. This helped to save her life. There is a lot that comes next in Stranger Things Season 4. But one thing is for sure, the season is full of thrill, excitement and unexpected moments. So, sit tight when you watch it. Because you don’t know what’s coming next.

  • Question of

    What does Joyce receive in the mail in first episode?

    • A letter from a friend
    • A Russian uniform
    • A Tape
    • A Doll
  • Question of

    Why does Joyce say that she is going to Alaska?

    • To go on a trip with Murray
    • To rescue Hopper
    • To see Will & Jonathan’s father
    • To go on a business trip
  • Question of

    Hopper works on a railroad in a place called Kamchatka. Where is Kamchatka?

    • Eastern Russia
    • Western China
    • Northern India
    • Southeast Asia
  • Question of

    What is the name of the place where Argyle works?

    • Skateboarder Donuts
    • Surfer Boy Pizza
    • Rollbazers Cafe
    • None of the above
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    What did the Dr. Brenner tried to draw for Ten which look more like?

    • A Fox
    • A Cow
    • A Horse
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    Joyce works now from home in telesales, but what is she selling?

    • Personal Loans
    • Cookery Brochure
    • Novels
    • Encyclopedias
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    Which member of the Hell Fire club is hosting the all important D&D game?

    • Mike
    • Steve
    • Eddie
    • Joyce
  • Question of

    What do we see Jonathan making in the wood workshop while he discusses Nancy?

    • A Bird Box
    • A Chair
    • A Broom
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What comes out of the face of the Creel Clock when Chrissy first sees it in forest?

    • Maggots
    • Rats
    • Bats
    • Spiders
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    What was hidden inside the Russian doll that was sent to Joyce?

    • A Note
    • A Map
    • A picture
    • None of the above