7 Amazing TVD Behind The Scenes Facts, You Probably Didn’t Know


It’s been more than 11 years since The Vampire Diaries aired on The CW and gave a new meaning to supernatural love.

After putting us through a roller coaster of emotions for eight seasons, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some fun behind-the-scenes facts about the show that you might not know.

  1. Love Everywhere      This list started with love and it will also, appropriately, end it with. When actors work together on the same TV show for many years and seasons and spend a lot of time together. And The Vampire Diaries have rich dating history both on-screen and behind the screen.You probably already know that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder dated for quite a while before they split up. However, they weren’t the only couple who got together thanks to the show. Joseph Morgan who played Klaus Mikaelson married actress Persia White who portrayed Bonnie’s mom Abby.TVD
  2. Irony In Action However, one of the biggest examples of irony when it comes to an actor’s age in The Vampire Diaries is Ian Somerhalder’s case. Damon was born in 1839 and is 7 years older than Stefan who was born in 1846. When Damon became a vampire, he was 24 years old while his younger brother was 17.
  3. Age IssuesActors playing vampires often have the disadvantage that while they continue to age, their characters don’t. That’s especially obvious when an adult actor plays a teenager – no matter how young they look, they usually can’t pull it off. That’s why some fans noticed that the ages of the characters in The Vampire Diaries don’t quite fit.
  4. Casting GamesCasting for any TV show or a film is usually complicated, considering how many actors fight for the same part. It’s not then uncommon for an actor to audition for a certain part but end playing a completely different character.
  5. Eating BloodVampires drink a lot of blood, that’s a given in any fantasy/sci-fi/horror tale. They drink even more blood if they have problems with self-control, as some The Vampire Diaries vampires do. Consequently, one of the best things about being an actor is the free food you’ll get, that is if you really like eating.
  6. Co-creator Kevin Williamson put his career on the line to ensure Ian Somerhalder got the role of Damon, even after Somerhalder blew his first audition for the part.The role of Damon Salvatore came down to Ian Somerhadler and one other actor, and when Somerhalder’s audition wasn’t perfect. “It was the only time in my career where I said, ‘If he doesn’t get the part I’m going to have to leave the show,'” Williamson told EW. “That’s how much I didn’t want the other person to get the part.”
  7. The last words of the series are the same as Damon’s first words spoke in the pilot: “Hello, brother.” Originally, they were going to have the final line be one of Damon’s classic snarky one-liners, “Oh, I see they have hero hair in heaven.” The writers changed it to make the finale more emotional.Damon’s last “hello, brother” wasn’t the only call-back to that pilot moment in the series finale. Earlier in the hour, Katherine Pierce turned to the Salvatore boys and said, “Hello, brothers.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hope you liked the facts. Stay tuned for such amazing content. You would also like this TVD quiz-who said it?.

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